is my website and also my business.

It encompasses all of the activity I am involved in, which is widespread and reflects the broad number of areas in which I work, including:

– leadership and management development;
– human resources and personnel development;
– change and project management;
– communication and marketing;
– website development;
– search engine optimisation (SEO);
– brand development;
– design and copywriting for print and online media;
– speech writing and ghost writing;
– contract vetting and pre-legal liaison and communication;
– overseas office development

If you need to inject skills into your business, provide some structure for your staff or marketing, want a fresh pair of eyes to sanity check a proposal, need to prep a presentation or are just short of time and would like a leg up from someone you can trust, please get in touch.

You'll see that I also work semi-professionally in the area of lighting design and operation, predominantly in theatres. My calendar is busy, but always pleased discuss opportunities in this area.